Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tech School

Now that Michael has graduated BMT, he's on to Tech School.  On Monday morning, Michael--along with about 300 other Airmen who just graduated--took a bus up to Sheppard AFB in northern Texas. 

So far, things are going well.  He shares a dorm room with one other person which is a big change from sixty other guys.  They have their own bathroom too which means private showers.  It's sad really, when things like that get you excited.  :)

In the many briefings he had to go to yesterday, he found out that some of the programs are full so Airmen will be "laid over".  Basically that means they'll just be doing details around the base until enough people graduate for them to get into their program--for some, that will be up to a two month wait.  Please cross your fingers that Michael doesn't see a delay. 

Michael's training is only nine weeks long, so if he isn't delayed, he should be done by the end of May.  He is considering being a "recruiter's assistant" for a week or two when he gets done.  Basically, he'd help out his recruiter here at home so he can stay in town for an extra week or two before we move to our first base.  This would be really great because otherwise he'll only have a day or two to visit everyone before we have to pack our stuff and move. 

If Michael's training isn't delayed, we should find out in three to four weeks what base we'll be moving to!  I'm anxious and excited all at the same time for those orders to come.  I'm obviously hoping we get one of the five bases we put on our list, but I'm keeping an open mind for wherever we end up.

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