Sunday, January 29, 2012

I'm Alive

In case you were worried, I'm alive!

I can't believe I haven't been an active presence here for almost three months!  That is definitely the longest hiatus I've had, and I don't like it one bit.  I've almost written posts dozens of times, but it's always hard to come back once you've left.

At first, it was because I had an almost overwhelming response to my crochet hats, and I was busy day and night filling orders.  In a six week span, I completed almost 50 hats!  It was fun and exhausting, and although I loved it, I'm glad the chaos is over.  It gave me a taste of being a working mother, and I'm not altogether sure I'm ready for that.

Throughout all of that, was the holidays.  My parents visited us for Thanksgiving which was a lot of fun.  We weren't able to visit our  families for Christmas, but we had a blast celebrating the holiday weekend with our amazing friends here on Base.  And then only a few weeks later, we celebrated Evie's 4th birthday.  We've been busy to say the least.

But I think a big part of my absence is that I've just been really stuck in my own head lately, and not ready to share any of my thoughts.  This last year has been a tough one for many reasons, and although I've learned a lot of positive things about myself, I think I needed time to decompress.  I'm essentially a very optimistic person, but sometimes life just kicks you too many times.

I'm ready to start sharing again, though.  I'm ready to get outside my own head, and start living life instead of just merely going through the motions.  It may be rough going for awhile while I get my groove back, but since writing is such a monumental piece of myself, it's essential that I jump back in.

So I'm back!