Wednesday, December 12, 2012

One Month Later

Whew, can I just take a moment to breathe?  What a month it's been.  I've tried a dozen times to sit down and officially announce to the blogging world that Juliet has arrived.  But having a newborn around is exhausting! I don't have the brain power most days to do much beside mindlessly watch television or play on my awesome early Christmas present, my iPad.  I'm lucky if I remember to shower most days, let alone sit down and write something coherent.

But it's been a month now, and it's about time to force my brain cells to start working again.  Juliet was born November 12th via c-section at 9:40am.  She was 9lbs, 4oz and 20 inches long.  No one was expecting a 9+ pound baby!  She was almost two pounds heavier than Evie was at birth! 

The c-section and subsequent hospital stay went well.  I would never wish to go through another c-section--I definitely don't agree with those that say it's easier than a vaginal birth--but according to my doctors, I recovered exceptionally well from it.  The first few days were extremely rough, but thankfully Michael has been home to help.

Juliet had a slightly rough start with lots of fluid in her lungs due to being born via c-section but I was finally able to hold her when she was three hours old.  She's nursed like a champ right from the start which is such a blessing since Evie had a rough time with it.  She sleeps pretty wonderfully as well though I'm ready for the days she sleeps longer than three hours at a time.  I am just not on my A-game when I have inadequate sleep!  Evie started sleeping longer stretches by eight weeks so I'm really hoping Juliet will do at least as well as that.

Life as a mom of two has been an adjustment, but since Michael has been on Leave since Juliet's birth and doesn't go back to work until next week, I haven't had to really juggle it on my own yet.  Unfortunately, after the holidays Michael is leaving for a TDY, and will be gone for almost two months.  So I will go from having Michael home 100% of the time to none of the time, with only a week or so of adjustment in between.  It will be interesting for sure, and hopefully I'll still have my sanity by the end of it.

And because I know all you probably really care about is seeing pictures of my cute littlest princess, I'll leave you with a few.  Hopefully I'll be around more now that I'm trying to act human again, but no promises! :)