Thursday, July 26, 2012

This and That

(I'm not even going to mention that it's been almost a month since I posted.  I am such a sucky blogger!)

Things in my neck of the woods are going well.  We went to visit family in Wisconsin the first week of July, and the vacation was much needed.  We spent time with family and friends, and went camping for a few days.  Evie has never been camping, and she absolutely loved it.  Especially going to the beach--another first for her.  Evie loves visiting Wisconsin, and has been tearing at our heart strings asking when we can move back.  Low blow, little girl.  Low blow. 

I'm a few days shy of 24 weeks pregnant, and I'm about ready to be done.  Ha!  Last week was a rough one for me with constant stomach aches, Braxton Hicks contractions, and a horrible pinched nerve in my back that sometimes causes my entire right leg to go numb.  This week has been much better, and if it weren't for the constant fatigue, I'd be set.  I really do love being pregnant because fetal movement is still the coolest thing ever, but I'm not in love with the not-so-fun side effects.  The nerve pain is probably causing most of my crankiness--I know it's not going to get better until I deliver Juliet, and the thought of this pain for four more months is kind of depressing.  But hey, at least there's an end in sight...someday!

Juliet's nursery is coming along, slowly but surely.  Michael painted the dresser, and I made the curtains.  I also sewed up some awesome (if I do say so myself) burb cloths, as well as two wet bags for cloth diapers.  I'm ready to tackle the crib skirt next which kind of frightens me, but I'm sure I'll manage.

Dresser, complete with new knobs!
Burp Cloths
Travel-size Wet Bag
Hanging Wet Bag
My life hasn't been all that exciting lately which is probably the reason for the lack of posts.  This stinking HEAT forces me to stay inside most of the time since I start to swell within minutes of being outdoors.  I can't believe we've had 100+ degrees for most of the last six weeks.  Of course I'm pregnant the hottest summer in the history of EVER.  Silver lining?  At least we have air conditioning!