Sunday, August 26, 2012

3rd Trimester!

Why hello again strangers! 

I'm 28 weeks pregnant as of this last Saturday, and am finally in my 3rd trimester.  Two-thirds of the way done, finally!  Nine months is far too long to be pregnant.  I'm ready to meet this little princess!

Things have been going well thus far.  Although I had some really bad back pain for a couple of weeks, after seeing a physical therapist I have seen an immense amount of relief.  My sacrum bone and hips are both misaligned so I now do corrective stretches during the day, and try to avoid the big things that tend to cause the bones to keep misaligning.  The pain isn't gone all the way, but it's not as sharp or intense as it was at it's worst.  I think having the therapist do a deep tissue massage to get the huge knot out did wonders.  Guess there is a lot to be said for massages!

Everything else in pregnancy has been going very smoothly.  I still battle with feeling woozy almost every morning, and have to be very careful not to overheat as I've come close to fainting many times.  But otherwise, I'm pretty lucky.  All the little aches and pains and annoying side effects that come with pregnancy are easy to deal with although I know this last trimester is usually the worst. 

Belly pictures are always one of the funnest parts of pregnancy, I think.  I'm pretty faithful about taking them at least every couple of weeks, but will probably be more diligent about taking them every week in the third trimester since the belly grows so rapidly during this stage.  Weird enough, I seemed to have shrunk between weeks 26 and 28.  I know that's not really possible, and I've been measuring right on target at all my appointments so I'm not worried.  It boggles my mind though because Juliet has been positioned very low in my pelvis basically the entire time I've been able to feel fetal movement.  She finally moved up a couple inches (which I love because I can really feel those rolls and such now!) last week so you would think my belly would seem larger not smaller.  I'll let you be the judge.

26 Weeks
28 Weeks
Regardless, there's no mistaking my pregnant bump.  I actually adore it, and know I'll miss it a little when Juliet arrives.  Even if it does get in the way most of the time.  And makes me go red in the face if I attempt to reach my toes.  Good thing Evie likes helping Mommy put her shoes and socks on!

We've accomplished a lot in the nursery this last month.  The crib is all painted and set up, and I finished the crib skirt.  We tackled a huge chunk this weekend, figuring out a way to make her tiny 3 feet by 3 feet closet (that doesn't have floor space because it's right about the stairway) workable.  It's all coming together, and I'm excited to do a big nursery reveal in a few weeks. 

Hopefully I remember to blog a few times between now and then.  This pregnancy brain is killer, let me tell you...