Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Sight For Sore Eyes

This first trimester is majorly kicking my butt which is seriously impeding with my computer time.  I promise I want to blog more, but Baby 2.0 seems to have other plans for me at the moment.  Thankfully the morning sickness is starting to taper slightly so hopefully I'll start feeling more like a human being and less like a zombie sometime soon.

Today was a big milestone for us though so I had to find time to write a post.  We had our nuchal screening today which consisted of an ultrasound and a little blood work.  It tests for Downs Syndrome as well as few others, but we mostly went through with the test so we could have another look at Baby 2.0.

What a beautiful sight! 

It is so cool to see how much the baby has changed in just a short time.  Our last ultrasound was about six weeks ago and the baby was barely a blob on the screen.  Today we got to see Baby 2.0 looking like a baby, and wiggling around like crazy.  She/he kept stretching out and arching it's back, barely sitting still long enough for the ultrasound technician to take the measurements. Baby was measuring 13 weeks, 3 days which is exactly a week ahead of my due date.  We're hoping my doctor will change the due date this time around since both ultrasounds have shown the baby further along than my LMP date, but we'll see how that works out.

If the equipment is of good quality and the technician has enough experience, sometimes she will make an educated guess on the sex of the baby.  The technician today said she thought girl, but we aren't painting any nursery colors just yet.  If she had say boy I would have been more inclined to trust what she saw--after all, it's a lot easier to miss seeing parts than it is for those parts to disappear.  We'll find out for sure in about another five or six weeks!

After hearing the heartbeat two weeks ago, I felt a lot more confident that this pregnancy was going to stick around.  Seeing Baby 2.0 on the screen today completely confirmed that.  I couldn't stop smiling during the entire ultrasound.  I think seeing an actual baby-like image also helped make things seem more real.  Since the moment I found out I was pregnant, I was scared of losing this baby too.  I think I was really just going through the motions, but unable to let myself really feel like this would all turn out okay.  But seeing Baby 2.0 wiggling around...it cemented it all for me. 

I'm almost to the second trimester so hopefully I'll be feeling well enough to start blogging more regularly.  I'll definitely have lots to talk about!