Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hey, It's Okay Thursday!

So I got this idea from a fellow blogger who in turn got it from Glamour magazine.  Basically, every Thursday I'm going to write a list of things to be okay about.  Feel free to do the same on your blog--any day of the week!

Hey, It's Okay...

To dislike "feel good" movies.  Give me an action or comedy movie any day, and I'll be happy.  I don't need to cry or watch a couple fall magically in love after knowing each other for two days.  I know a lot of action movies aren't realistic either (killing someone with a carrot? Come on Clive Owen.  It's just not possible), but at least they are fun to watch.  And while we're on that note...

To wish Adam Sandler could erase the last ten years of his movie career, and start over.  Seriously, the last good movie he made was "Little Nicky" back in 2000.  Instead of getting excited when I see a new movie of his coming out, I cringe.  Hello, "Funny People" was not funny.  It was depressing.

To not drink the milk in my bowl after I finish the cereal.  I don't care if it's wasteful--that is just disgusting.

To wonder what happened to the local radio station that I listened to growing up.  It used to be a great mix of pop, rock and rap.  Now it's like 95% rap, and I die a little inside every time I try to listen to it.

To be more than a little shocked by the new jean diapers by Huggies.  I don't know whether to laugh or stock up!

To hate when department stores decide to rearrange everything!  As soon as you're comfortable in the knowledge that you can find everything on your shopping list before your two-year old gets bored enough to start throwing things back out of the cart, they move everything.  And you have to start all over.  Thanks, really.  Thanks.

To still be a little confused about Lady Gaga.  Male or female?  I thought about Googling it, but I kind of like the not knowing.

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  1. I am so with you on Funny People. I kept going, "Huh? What's this?"