Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Roll With the Punches

I think the second rule military spouses need to learn (check out the first rule here) is to roll with the punches.  Living a life within the military is very unpredictable.  You can't and shouldn't count on anything, because nothing is guaranteed. 

Take Graduation for example.  It seems like something that should be pretty set in stone as long as you don't fail a block test or miss a day of class.  As long as you complete the requirements, you're golden.  Even if Tech School Graduation is considerably more low-key than BMT's was, you'll still feel proud standing up in front of family and friends.

But boy oh boy, let me tell you.  Nothing is sacred.  In the military, I'm pretty sure the phrase "set in stone" doesn't even exist. 

Because of a safety drill taking place the week Michael was set to graduate, they were informed early this week that Graduation would be held behind closed doors because the base would be on lock-down.  In other words, no family. 

So no getting to see my husband graduate another milestone.  No taking part in him being promoted.  No father seeing his daughter for the first time in ten weeks.  Nada.

Thankfully, I think the third lesson we military spouses learn is that we are surrounded by exceptional people who try their best to make things right. 

The instructor of Michael's class offered them a solution.  Work their Airmen butts off, and they could graduate next Friday instead.  As long as they keep on with their current progress, that should be easy.  So problem solved.  Hopefully. 

As I've said, there are no guarantees.  So you won't ever catch me holding my breath. 

If it seems like all I do is complain about the military, please let me correct you.  Because it's not intentional, and I hope it's only temporary.  One of the best things about the military is the life lessons you learn.  Michael has only been enlisted for just over four months, and look--we've already learned three great ones. 

I guess my point is, life is unpredictable.  So the military really isn't that different from life.  It's just set at a different pace and has a few alternative rules.  It's a learning process, and we're still new to all of this. 

So bear with us, we'll be in love with the Air Force again some day I'm sure.  Right now, we're just learning to roll with the punches. 

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