Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Stockings

Over the weekend, my creative juices started flowing again.  I mentioned last week that I've been feeling crafty lately and not in a book-writing-way.  In a working-with-my-hands way.  My newest project was Christmas stockings.

I don't have a sewing machine yet so I had to sew them by hand which kind of took forever, but that's okay.  I got to practice with choosing fabric and following patterns and improvising so it was a success.  It was definitely a learning experience, and I'd say by the third stocking I had it down pretty much perfect.

Michael's Stocking
My stocking
Evie's stocking
I'm ridiculously proud of myself for the finished outcome simply because I've never been in any way, shape or form considered artsy.  My siblings got that gene, not me.  But I think I picked great fabric and did a good job of making sure the best part of the fabric design was displayed.  I love sewing!

Here's how pretty they all look together.

Now I just need a sewing machine so I can start making more complicated things!


  1. Dang girlie!!!! I give you MAD props for making those all BY HAND! Your awesome!!!! Once you get a sewing machine...your mind is going to go crazy with all the fun things you can do! I just started using mine again, and I am inlove!!!!! I also wanted to make stockings for us, but with us moving, there is no point this year. But I will do it next year!

    Doesn't sewing things by hand make you appreciate the OLD days where EVERYTHING was sewn by hand.

    Way to go!!!! Your awesome! And the stocking are adorable!

  2. Thank you :) It definitely makes me appreciate how women sewed everything by hand once upon a time. I can't even imagine how much time, dedication, and skill that must have required!