Monday, January 31, 2011


I feel like ever since we moved here to Kansas, I've been obsessed with the weather.

I've never really cared much about the weather.  I don't watch much television--including the news--so unless I actively seek out the weather report, I have to look out my window or step outside to find out what it's like out there.  Neither of those are hard tasks so I've never put much thought into it.

But now that we're in Kansas?  I'm constantly checking the weather.  Or comparing the weather.  My iPod has this handy weather app that gives me the lowdown on the weather in the locations of my choice.  So of course I'm always flipping back and forth between here and my hometown to see how things differ.

The weather in Kansas?  Very strange.  I had no idea what to expect...and now I realize that's because its totally unpredictable.  Take this past weekend.  Friday and Saturday both saw seventy degrees.  Today?  Snow.  Possibly a few inches.  Um?  That's my definition of cruel and unusual punishment right there.

When we moved here in July it was crazy hot for a few months.  I'm used to hot summers, but not summer weather that lasts into October.  I expected that from any of the places on our dream list (Florida, Arizona, California), but from Kansas?  Not so much.

I love that it's January and it's only snowed twice.  And that the snow didn't stick around long.  I love that we got to enjoy the outdoors and soak up some much needed Vitamin D for a few days.  But for this Wisconsin-raised girl?  It's taking a lot of getting used to.

I can't wait for spring.  Like, real spring.  Not seventy degrees, then thirty degrees, then fifty then back down to twenty.  I'm talking steady temperatures of warmth that will cause the grass to turn back to green (this dormant brown grass sort of freaks me out), and the flowers to grow.

Who else is ready for spring?


  1. I am so ready for spring! It is wayy too cold here. (Currently -17.)

  2. Brr that IS cold! We've had those kind of temperatures at night here too!