Thursday, May 26, 2011

Do Your Best & Forget the Rest

I've made it halfway through my first week of P90x, and I feel great!  Well, great and sore.  At the same time.  We have a love/hate sort of relationship right now.

It only takes one word to sum up P90x, and that would be INTENSE.  It is a crazy intense workout each and every day.  It's challenging and exciting and by the end you sort of feel like you took a shower in sweat.  Yes, I know.  Gross.  But oh so very true.

I'm doing P90x Lean rather than P90x Classic because it's focuses more on Cardio and losing weight and becoming lean (duh!) rather than bulking up. I'm not looking to enter any gun shows.

With this version of the program, I've done Core Synergistics, Cardio, Ab Ripper and Yoga so far.  I was suppose to do Shoulders & Arms yesterday along with Ab Ripper, but I just couldn't.  I could barely move.  I mentioned P90x is intense, right?

After the first day I was sore, but it was manageable.  After my second workout, I was definitely feeling it.  By the time I tried to roll out of bed yesterday (people would have paid money to see that comical event), I could barely move.  Every muscle in my body felt abused.  So I only did the short Ab Ripper workout, and called it a day.  I'm looking to get fit and healthy, not die.  Dieing is bad. 

I'm glad I took the break because I felt much better today.  And after the crazy long session of Yoga, I felt even better.  Yoga is by far my favorite workout thus far.  Not only was it challenging and intense, but it worked on balance and stretching everything out.  My sore muscles were so very happy when I finished.  It barely felt like I spent an hour and a half working out!

Tomorrow is Legs & Back and another round of Ab Ripper.  I'm a little nervous because out of my whole body, the legs are what kill the most right now.  An entire workout focused on them?  Ouch.  But if I get skinner thighs out of the process, I'll deal with the pain. 

As Tony says: Do your best and forget the rest.  And don't forget to Bring it!

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