Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Complete Disgrace

I try not to get controversial on here.  But today I can't help it.

Homes For Our Troops is an organization close to my heart because of the awesome blessing they bestowed on my cousin's family.  Disabled veterans need adaptable homes so they can live, really live their lives to the best of their abilities.  And yet, some people care more about themselves than the veterans who sacrificed so much for our freedoms.

SFC Sean Gittens was suppose to have his Build Brigade this Friday in Knob Hill Subdivision in Evans, Georgia.  He was finally going to have a home where he could really live.  But the snobs in Knob Hill decided they didn't want him.

At the last minute, the Board of Directors of the Property Owners Association decided the home HFOT wanted to build wasn't good enough for their subdivision.  They wanted it bigger.  And more than one story.  They wanted a specially-adapted home for someone in a wheel chair to be more than one story.  Obviously, they are idiots.

Even after HFOT met the Board's demands to modify the house to their subdivision requirements and they initially approved the build, they revoked their permission.  Because apparently this specially-adapted home for a veteran could decrease property value in the rest of the subdivision.

I really don't have a better word for them than idiots.  Maybe un-American.  That's a good word for them too.

You can read the article here.  And please, "like" their subdivision on Facebook long enough to tell them exactly how you feel about this matter.  If you feel strongly enough, make sure to email the President of the Board at  

We need to send a message that such treatment of our veterans is never, ever acceptable.  The "bottom dollar" should never be the biggest priority.  Ever.

EDIT:  The Facebook page is now deleted.  The local news station got wind of the atrocity, and apparently they didn't like all the negativity.  Try being grateful Americans, and maybe people wouldn't respond with such outrage!


  1. I am so outraged at this! I can't believe there would be such blatant disrespect for someone who served, and was injured protecting their country.

  2. As mentioned in the blog, my husband and I are the "cousins family" that received the amazing home. We experienced the life changing event of the building of our home with a Build Brigade, then a Volunteer day when they landscape you're yard and finally the Key Ceremony where they present you with keys and welcome you home. We were welcomed home on 9/11/10 and my husband I have forever grateful to this organization and the community that made our house possible.
    That said, this neighborhood is a complete disgrace to the nation and it's state. I know some are trying to contact the areas senator and the national news. But I doubt that will really change who these people are. They get to live in such a place because of people like SFC Gittens. What makes this worse is they are actually LIVING in this neighborhood right now!!! They have completely rejected him based on his need for a one story home. Seriously, way to "Welcome Home" this hero!

  3. So horrid. I hope they have their tails between their legs at all this negative press.

  4. It was just on FoxNews this morning. Believe me this has gone NATIONAL.... I hope Homes For Our Troops can find a different location for them. Who in their right mind would ever want to live where they are not welcomed. Tragic. I pray that something good will come out of this. BOYCOTT KNOB HILL SUBDIVISION in EVANS GEORGIA!!
    Nancy Kearney

  5. I am so glad it's gone National! They are backpedaling now & trying to say "if you add shutters, we'll approve", as if that was the hangup all along. Believe me, HFOT would have added shutters if asked. No one is going to believe that crap.