Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vacation Food Shouldn't Have Calories

I think it should be a law that vacation food doesn't have calories.

I say this because I was just on vacation for three weeks and although I ate pretty well most of the time, there were moments when I wanted to devour the bad stuff and pretend calories didn't matter.  Mostly, because the bad stuff is comfort food that triggers my warm fuzzies.  The "I'm home!" food fuzzies.

If you've ever moved away from home, you know what I'm talking about.  Some foods are pretty localized, and you just can't find them to save your life wherever you move to.  For Michael, that's cheese curds and lefse.  If you aren't from Wisconsin, you probably think I just spoke gibberish.  But I promise, those are both types of food.

For me?  Specific restaurants offer my warm fuzzies.  Pizza from my favorite family-owned pizza parlor.  A tantalizing appetizer from a Northern chain that doesn't quite reach us here in Wichita.  And Oreo Cappuccino ice cream from a local shop that I managed to stay away from this trip. 

I go home, and I all I can think about is food.

And to make it all worse (for my waist-line), I attended two family gatherings while I was there.  You remember that large family I talked about yesterday?  Well, when we get together there is a ridiculous amount of food.  What else would you expect from a family that is trying to take over the world?  Wink.

There is nothing I love more than the food at family gatherings.  No event is complete without my aunt's taco dip, my mom's cookie salad, and my Grandma's baked beans.  Oh. My. God.  If you want to taste a piece of heaven, all you have to do is try those baked beans.  I kid you not, boys and girls.  Heaven.  With a mouthful of beans.  Weird, maybe.  But oh so very true.

At my Grandma's birthday party, the bulk of my sustenance was taco dip and beans.  Two plate fulls, I might add.  I didn't even eat cake because taco dip and beans were way more important.  Don't judge me.

I may have kicked some major P90x butt these past two weeks, and have already seen results.  But I know if someone had passed a law along the way that prohibited vacation food from having calories, my results would have been even more significant. 

Call your congressman, people!

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