Monday, August 22, 2011

P90x 90 Day Results!

Over the weekend, I finally hit my 90th day of P90x.  I DID IT!!!!

When I started this program three months ago, I'll admit I was a little scared.  The program has been hyped up so much, and since I definitely wasn't in shape, I wasn't sure if I could do it.  Although the program is intense, I absolutely believe anyone who really is committed to changing their bodies can do this program. 

I've found that its often mental roadblocks that get in your way rather than physical ones.  If you set your mind to something--really set it to a task--and know that no matter the obstacles, you will do whatever it takes to achieve your goals, you can do anything.  It may not be easy, but nothing in life worth having ever is.  You can always modify a workout to what you are currently capable of achieving, and work your way up.  But if you tell yourself out of the gate that you can't do it, you won't.

I am so happy with the results I saw with this program.  And more so than just the number changes.  I have really made a lifestyle change, and I can't see myself ever going back to eating the way I did before. And not exercising?  That's not even a possibility.

So my numbers?  Make me want to cry.  In a good way.  I knew going into this that even if I worked really hard, I probably wouldn't see the results you see in the infomercials.  My hormones have finally just balanced out after my miscarriage, and losing weight with hormone issues can be a problem.  But I'm happy with what I've achieved.

During the 90 day program, I lost just shy of 10 pounds, 11% body fat, and 18.5 total inches! I lost 5 inches off my waist, 4.5 inches off my hips, 3 inches off my chest, 6 inches off my thighs!

To put it into better perspective, I lost two pant sizes.  I went from wearing large shirts down to mediums.  I can even squeeze into a size small dress here and there.  It's amazing.  It's motivation to kick these last 15 pounds out the door.  It's just...awesome.  Yeah, awesome pretty much describes it.

So what's next for me?  A little bit of everything.  Towards the end of the 90 days, I started to get bored with the same stuff all the time.  I still love the program, but I need even more variety than twelve different workouts apparently.  So right now, I'm just winging it. I now have the Insanity program so I'm trying to stick to that most of the time, but will throw P90x, Turbojam, Taebo, and whatever else I can find that doesn't suck into the mix. 

Bring it!


  1. Wow! Congrats on surviving P90x! So proud of you! Luv your paragraph about true! You've inspired me to get off my rump and try this out. If you can do it, so can I! : ) Keep up all the awesome work!-Fav Cuz