Thursday, September 29, 2011

Delayed Honeymoon, Part 1

As I mentioned a few months back, Michael and I finally booked a honeymoon.  It's only three years late, but ya know.  Who's counting anyway? We got back from our honeymoon plus bonus trip to Wisconsin on Monday, and I'm still recuperating.  There's more than one reason for that, but more on that later.

Our honeymoon was in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  I pretty much cannot gush enough about that town.  I loved absolutely everything about it.  The laid back atmosphere.  The gorgeous mountains that make me sort of hate Kansas even more than before.  The plethora of hippie vans and their occupants.  Everything.  If you ever decide to take a vacation in Colorado, I would highly recommend Steamboat.  It's awesomeness compelled me to inform Michael about ten thousand times during our trip that we are officially moving to Colorado at some point in our lives.  I'm pretty sure he agrees with me.

After we recovered from altitude sickness (thankfully that only lasted a little over a day), we set out to enjoy the beautiful weather and the gorgeous mountains.  I've never seen mountains before so I was in awe literally every second we were in their vicinity.

The second full day of our honeymoon, we visited one of the "must see" spots in Steamboat:  Fish Creek Falls.  There are two main waterfalls, the Lower and Upper Falls.  The Lower Falls was an easy quarter mile hike, and very beautiful.  You could walk paths to see the Lower Falls at it's base and via an overlook path--we did both.

Many people stop at the Lower Falls, and never realize there is an additional trail that leads up to the Upper Falls.  The hike is a few miles, mostly uphill.  We had to stop a ridiculous amount of times along the way because although we were over our altitude sickness, we were increasing our altitude with every step.  And some points were relatively steep.  I tell you this to make me feel better.  Many of the elderly people on the trail didn't seem nearly as out of breath as I was.

The hike was absolutely worth it.  As every person we passed going up--as they were hiking back down--felt compelled to tell us.  It was gorgeous.  If we had packed a lunch (and if I wasn't so afraid a bear would attack me if I dropped trou to pee), we would have stayed at the Upper Falls all day.  Breathtaking doesn't even describe it.

It was a beautiful first exploration into the mountains.  And a great precursor to the hike we would embark on the following day.  Stay tuned for Delayed Honeymoon, Part 2 tomorrow!

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