Monday, April 16, 2012

Just Call Me Dorothy

If you watched the news at all over the weekend, you probably know that the Midwest had some pretty nasty storms.  You might have seen pictures similar to this one:

Yeah, we live in Wichita.  Right in the middle of that "life-threatening" area highlighted in dark red. 

All day long, I kept my eye on the Weather Channel, hoping the storm would dissipate a little.  For one, I wasn't eager to have a tornado take my house away.  I may hate my house a little right now, but I didn't want to see it blow away.  Secondly, we have a leaky basement with mold.  I wasn't eager to spend the night with floaties on, trying not to breathe in the nasty stuff.

Unfortunately, a tornado did hit Wichita.  Although the Base across the street suffered a little damage, and the Quik Trip a half mile up the road was almost destroyed, Base Housing was spared.  It couldn't have gotten much closer than that.  Thankfully there weren't any fatalities. 

Apparently, May is the big month for tornadoes here in Kansas.  So it looks like we have another couple months of this weather to look forward to.  Better keep that emergency kit stocked and ready.