Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Week Without Sleep

Pregnant women should always be allowed as much sleep as they want.  Anyone want to inform Evie of this?

What a week.  Poor Evie came down with a stomach bug on Sunday night, and was up vomiting for a few hours.  I had only fallen asleep about four hours before she woke up, and was awake for about the next four so by the time morning finally rolled around, I was so exhausted.  Thankfully Michael took over for awhile so I could catch another couple hours of sleep.

Although she got over the bug pretty quickly, Evie still felt a little crummy at bed time.  After listening to her cry in her sleep, I let her slip into bed with me for awhile since Michael is working the night shift this week.  Since infancy, she hasn't slept with me outside of vacations or hotel stays.  And I remember why.

She kicks when she sleeps.  A lot.  Ouch.

After being woken up about fifty times in what felt like five minutes from her kicking me, I finally carried her sleeping butt back to bed.  Only a few hours later, I woke up with chest pains that lasted a few hours.  Another sleeping fail.

It was smooth sailing on Tuesday night.  I probably got close to eleven hours of sleep.  I still felt sleep deprived yesterday, but didn't feel as much like a zombie as I had the two previous days.

And then last night happened.  If I didn't love Evie so much, I would have ran out into the streets, screaming, never to return.

For some random reason, the power went out around 4:30 in the morning.  We run small fans in our room for white noise so as soon as the power went out Evie woke up.  And of course started yelling because her nightlight was also off. 

Every time I started to doze off, Evie would yell to me about something.  First, it was that she couldn't sleep with just her flashlight on and no fan.  That problem was easily fixed after the power finally came back on.  Then she thought she saw a bug on her ceiling.  I checked--nothing.  Then she came out yelling because the bug was on her.   Again, nothing.  Then she wanted a drink of water.  Lastly, she yelled because the bug was in her bed.  Oh. My. God.  I finally just let her come sleep in my bed, knowing that she would probably kick me every five minutes, but five minutes of sleep was better than none.

I didn't have to worry about Evie kicking me though.  Because she never fell asleep!  I kept dozing off, and she kept waking me up to talk.  "Want to hear a story, Mommy" or "Let me tell you a joke".  The last time she woke me up yelling "Daddy is home!"  Yep, she was up until Michael got home shortly after seven. 

I cannot believe she didn't fall back asleep.  Especially because by the time Michael put her back to bed and he came to bed himself (not after Evie came out telling him there was a roly poly in her room!), it was almost eight o'clock.  And I had to get up at 8:30 to get ready for my first ob/gyn appointment. 

It wasn't without a little satisfaction that I woke her snoring butt up a little while later.  At least I wasn't the only one with bags under my eyes.  I hope we both sleep like rocks tonight.  Thankfully Michael is suppose to come home early so if she decides to wake up again, at least he can deal with her!

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