Monday, October 1, 2012

The Final Stretch

I'm here for my monthly update!  Ha, whoops.  This blogging thing doesn't seem to be top of my list these days.  Maybe when Juliet finally makes her arrival, I'll be bursting to share every single one of her milestones with all of you, and I'll overwhelm you with posts.  More likely I'll be staring off into space like a zombie for a few months, and I'll be lucky if I can remember to take a shower, let alone blog often.

I'm a few days into my 33rd week of pregnancy, and getting very anxious to meet little lady.  Apparently, Juliet is just as excited to meet us because she put me through my first round of preterm labor over the weekend.  Thankfully it stopped on it's own, but not before keeping me up half of the night.  They don't try to stop labor once you hit 34 weeks so since I'm so close to that magic number, my doctor didn't even have me go into Labor & Delivery because the contractions were still 10 minutes apart.  Even though we're excited for her to arrive, that night made us nervous enough to be content with her waiting it out at least another month.

Other than that, things have been going well.  We finally finished up her nursery, and I will post a nursery reveal very soon.  I love how it turned out!  And I'm really proud that Michael and I did so much of it ourselves.  The only things that weren't repurrposed or homemade were things that would have been pretty difficult to do ourselves--such as making the lamp or cube organizer.

We have everything else ready for Juliet's arrival as well.  All we need is her.  I'm glad we got everything taken care of in case she comes early, but now I have to scramble for things to keep me occupied.  Maybe I'll get a lot of Christmas presents taken care of so I don't have to worry about making or buying anything those first few weeks after her birth.

I'm feeling pretty good for being 33 weeks pregnant.  My back pain is barely a nuisance anymore, and all the regular pregnancy symptoms are pretty minor at the moment.  My biggest complaint is not being able to move as easily or roll over without a concentrated effort.  I'm up almost every hour or two at night because I either need to pee (AGAIN!) or the side I'm currently sleeping on is going numb, and I need to heave myself over to the other side.  I'm ready for pregnancy to be over, but mostly just because I'm ready to meet my newest little princess.

I'll leave you with my latest belly picture, and a promise to be back very soon with the nursery reveal!

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