Monday, March 1, 2010


I'm feeling a little down right now, and since the person I usually complain to (aka my husband) really doesn't need to hear anything but positive thoughts from me while at BMT, I figured I'd air my feelings here. 

With only ten days left until I get to see Michael, I should feel nothing but excitement and anticipation.  And don't get me wrong, both of those emotions are zinging through me pretty constantly.  But Graduation weekend is more of a bittersweet milestone for me to look forward to than anything else.

Even though I'll get to see Michael for the better part of four days, this is only the halfway point of our separation.  After Graduation weekend, he'll leave for Tech School in northern Texas for another 10 weeks.  While he's been at BMT, I've counted down the days until Graduation in order to get myself through each day.  Now I'll have to start all over again, and add a couple extra weeks for good measure.  I'm not sure just how well I'm going to be able to handle it this second  time around.

As I mentioned in my previous post, this time apart has really done wonders for my marriage.  Without airing my dirty laundry, I can say that absense really does make the heart grow fonder, and that we're both better for having some time apart.  But now that I have a fresh outlook on things, I'm ready for my husband back.  I'm ready for this new start, this clean slate, that we're both looking forward to.

But such are the woes of a military wife, and thus I feel whiny for even putting my thoughts into words.  In the next six years (that's how long Michael's current contract with the military is), we'll probably face many times apart.  Some of them might even be longer than these 19 weeks.  But right now, at this very moment, the thought of going another two and a half months without my husband makes me want to hide in bed under the covers and never come back out.

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