Friday, February 26, 2010

Two week countdown

Only thirteen days left until the Airmen's Run when I get to finally see Michael again!

The last couple of weeks have been a little crazy around here which is why I haven't updated for a while.  I left to visit my cousin in San Antonio last week which has been absolutely great.  Warm weather, good company--couldn't ask for anything better, especially in February!  I'll be here until after Michael's graduation which is really helping pass the time quickly. 

Evie is having a blast having a daily playmate her age, and is picking up so many new things.  She's more interested in the potty chair, in using her manners (please, thank you, you're welcome), and in sharing.  And of course, she loves getting to go to the park every day, and our zoo trip last week was a blast for her.

In military news, Michael finishes up week six of eight tomorrow.  I talked to him this past Sunday for twenty minutes for which I am so grateful since we didn't get a phone call the week before.  He sounded great--more positive than the last phone call--but he is starting to get bored with the same routine every day.  BMT isn't as bad as he anticipated it would be.  He's ready to get to Tech School where he will learn about his job, and then of course to move to our first base where we can finally be together again.  I wish it were June already!

Michael said the gas chamber (week 4) wasn't bad; it just cleared out his sinuses.  This past week (week 6) was "the beast" where they live in tents for a week.  Basically they put into practice a lot of what they have been learning since they've arrived.  Week 7 doesn't have anything super exciting that I know of; they will probably do a lot of testing for things they are suppose to be able to do.  And then week 8 is the week of Graduation so they will probably be preparing for that.

These past six weeks have held a lot of emotions for me--not all of them great--but in a way, I am glad for them.  They have provided us with an opportunity for growth and self-awareness that I didn't truly expect.  They have made our marriage stronger, and have given us an opportunity to remember what we cherish about one another.  It has brought on a new appreciation for everything and everyone we have in our lives. 

Hopefully these next 13 days fly by very quickly, and then the 4 days I get to see Michael go by at snail pace!

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