Friday, June 4, 2010

I hate June!

Okay, so I don't really hate June.  I love the warm weather and sunshine.  I love that the public pools open and that wearing flip flops every day is acceptable.  Really, I only hate this particular June.  Because it's going to be hell on wheels.

Just before I left for Texas last week, my Realtor called to tell me we had an offer on the house.  Hallelujah!  It only took nine months.  After a little counter-offering, we have an accepted offer.  As long as there are no glitches we'll be closing at the end of the month.

We have a lien on the house from an local organization that helped us with our down payment and some of the remodeling we did when we first moved in.  Since we're losing money on the house (that's what you get for buying and selling within three years), we have to figure out how to pay them that extra money we won't get from the buyers.  Essentially, a lot of extra phone calls and paper work.

Besides that, I don't think there is a lot more I have to do in regards to selling the house.  Thank goodness for Realtors is all I have to say.  I don't have to do much else except show up on the assigned date to sign some papers.

But there is more.

My sister gets married towards the end of July, and I'm her Maid of Honor.  I have to co-plan her bachelorette party which is set for the last weekend in June.  I've barely started anything in regards to that.  Yikes.   

And of course there is this whole moving to Kansas deal.  We move in about five weeks.  We still need to get housing, figure out how and when we are moving, and finish packing up some odds and ends.  We still don't know the exact date Michael has to report by since his orders didn't factor in his IFR training.  There are so many things we aren't sure about, and since Michael is the service member, he is the one who has to find out all the information.

 He has to talk to the finance department to make sure he gets his raise since he's now an Airman First Class (hoorah!).  Then he has to go to the housing office at Sheppard to fill out the necessary paperwork for housing at McConnell.  I called and found out that we can't get on the housing waiting list until he's out-processing from Sheppard.   Thankfully the wait-list for old housing is 30 days or less so we should be able to move into something pretty quickly. 

And then of course, he has to talk to the transportation department to find out exactly what the military pays for in regards to our move this first time.  I've heard mixed stuff about the move to your first duty station, and I want to make sure we know what, if anything, we have to pay for.  Then he has to find out dates and such for the military to move us. 

My inner control-freak does not like that I can't do any of this.  Especially because Sheppard has the active-shooter drill on base all this week which means the base is on lock-down most of the day.  This of course makes it next to impossible to set up appointments to talk to anyone to get some of those questions answered.  So this week is basically wasted. 

So much to do, so very little time!  I hate when everything happens all at once.  I may be a decent multi-tasker, but I'd prefer to be less stressed.  I'd prefer to spend this month with friends and family--you know, the people I'll see pretty infrequently for at least the next six years? 

Now you know why I hate June.  Er, at least this June.  If I seem a bit spacey or it seems as if I'm just spewing words out randomly, this would be why.  My brain is fried just thinking about it all.

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