Sunday, August 8, 2010


If you're current with reading my blog you know that last week I talked about family size.  Evie's two and a half now so the question on many people's minds is "when are you having your next one?"  Long story short, we thought back in May we were ready and fast forward to today, not so much.  We decided to push the decision back six months or longer because obviously the time is not right.

So you'd think that would mean we're keeping our family size down to three for the time being.  I wish I could say we're that smart.  No, see...I'm a pushover.

A few years ago, Michael and I bought our first dog together.  We had her for a couple of years, but when Evie was about a year old, we had to give her up because between a toddler, me in school and Michael working it was just too much.  I put my foot down and said no more animals until we're done with babies and our kids are in school.

When we moved to Kansas, we decided to get Evie a "pet" as a gift for all the craziness we were throwing at her with the big move.  We've had gerbils, a turtle and ferrets in past years and we knew none of those were coming into our house again.

We bought her a fish which Evie aptly named Baby Red Fish.  Seeing as it's well, red.  We got her this fish

so that we wouldn't buy her this

Guess how many pets Evie now owns?  Ding ding ding.  If you guessed two, you would be correct.

Sleeping in the corner of the living room underneath the Papasan chair at this exact moment is our seven week old Siberian husky female, Roxy.  She's cute as could be and super cuddly.  I'll try to remember those things when she sheds an entire fur coat all over my currently immaculate floors and tries to dig a hole out of my backyard.

I'm a pushover, what can I say?  But at least she's cute.


  1. Yep she is cute. We thought the same when you were born. But you shed, called the cops and cost us a fortune. We kept you for 20 yrs, lets see you do that with Roxy.

  2. She is very cute. My husband so wants a husky.

  3. maybe a welcome home present when he gets back from Korea? :)

  4. I found your site through the Friday Fill-in. Your puppy is adorable! I love my puppy though her fur regularly clogs the vacuum:) The joys of having a dog (I think the doggy kisses and cuddles make up for it though)

  5. I'm so glad for hardwood floors--otherwise I'd probably have to invest in a new vacuum! haha

  6. Aww...she is adorable. She looks HUGE!! Huskies are one of my favorite dogs, but it's way too hot for one here in Florida.

    So we've got a 6 month old Lab that we spoil rotten instead. ;)

  7. Yeah, she sleeps on the floor vents whenever possible. It's been 100+ here in Kansas these last few weeks so I hear you on hot!