Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Disney Conspiracy

I think that Target teamed up with Disney to empty my bank account.  That's about the only conclusion I can come to after innocently walking down an aisle in the toy department at Target yesterday.  I would like to present some evidence for this theory.

Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C

I don't know if you've happened across this aisle in Target yet, but if you haven't--watch out.  That's a fair warning.  Because it is wall to wall, top to bottom Disney Princess and Tinkerbell paraphernalia.  It's like toddler girl heaven.

In my house, Disney Princesses and Tinkerbell are honored guests.  Not only do we own (almost all) the movies, but we have dress up clothes and a plethora of toys dedicated to their holiness.  We own these things not only because Evie loves them, but I have to admit...I've never quite outgrown my love for all things princess.

Sure I may be almost a quarter of a century old (though we won't discuss that scary topic), but I just can't shake the happiness I feel when I sit down to watch Cinderella or sing along with the songs from The Little Mermaid.  I have to tell you, if I had given birth to a tomboy or a boy, I'd be lost.

Since walking through that toy aisle was heaven for more than one princess-lover in my family, I couldn't resist buying something.  Christmas is many moons away yet and her birthday isn't until a few weeks after that so there is no way I could have waited.  I ended up buying her this.

We played with it in the car before we headed home.  Don't judge me.

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