Friday, September 24, 2010

Cookie Time

I'm ready for fall to be here.  I want to wear jeans and long sleeve shirts and eat chili and drink hot chocolate.  And I am thoroughly sick of waiting.  Even though it's still hot outside, I decided I am tired of not using my oven.  So yesterday, Evie and I made cookies.

Just call me Martha.

Michael worked a weird shift so I needed to fill the afternoon when he's usually home with something fun.  Last week I bought an awesome KitchenAid Stand Mixer at the Thrift Shop on base for a crazy deal of $50.  It was the perfect time to try it out.

I have this great chocolate chip recipe that I absolutely love.  It makes crunchy, crumbly cookies rather than soft and gooey cookies.  It's pure heaven. 

So Evie and I geared up for the task ahead.  She loves to help in the kitchen even though it's not always very helpful.  She even has her own apron!

Evie gets really involved in the whole process.  She doesn't just sit around looking cute.  She puts all the ingredients together, and stirs them. I'm surprised she lets me do the measuring.

The end product is usually a little messy though.

Evie didn't help form the cookies because I wasn't sure how sanitary she'd be.  And with good reason.  She kept stealing the chocolate chips out of the cookies! 

This recipe makes a lot of cookies.  These aren't even all of them.  But they sure look great, don't they?

Evie was of course the official cookie taste tester.  Her expression may not show it, but she approved.

Every day I'm reminded why I am so very blessed.  Not only do I have an amazing daughter who is so much like me it's kinda scary (no, really.  I remember what I was like as a child.  Uh-oh!), but I get to spend every day with her doing all the fun things that kids enjoy.  Baking cookies is so much more rewarding when you're looking through the eyes of a two year old.

And I just have to end by showing my awesomely cool apron I just bought from Lakeside Collections.  If you've never heard of them, check the website out.  I love their stuff!


  1. I'm impressed that you let your daughter help. I shoo mine out of the kitchen since they tend to make a bigger mess.

    Wow, great find on the mixer though! And the cookies look delicious.

  2. She's always into helping with EVERYTHING so I kinda pick and choose what to let her help with. She's pretty good with following directions so I figure I'll give her a chance. lol

    I know, right? I couldn't pass it up!