Friday, September 17, 2010

Four Reasons Why: My Husband is Spoiled

My husband is spoiled.  Spoiled.  Spoiled.  Spoiled.  Since we moved to Kansas two months ago, my husband has been spoiled completely rotten. And if you don't believe me--or would just like some proof--I'm here to give it to you.

Here are the Top 4 Reasons Why My Husband is Spoiled  
(because, um...I couldn't think of a 5th)

4. Expensive tattoo of our daughter's name

3.  Siberian Husky that he has wanted forever

2. Big flat screen television (Guess what movie I'm watching?)

1. New car--Ford Mustang GT

Yep, spoiled.


  1. is that The Breakfast Club?? LOVE IT! (also - love the tatt, and the car! the puppy is cute too! and of course, nice TV!) :) how do I get spoiled like that? I need to let my husband know ;)

  2. ...Braggart Alert!!!