Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Genealogy Obsessed Toddler

Evie is obsessed with relationships.  I'm not sure if this is a natural thing for a three year old or not, but it's the norm in my house.

My brother and sister-in-law are expecting another daughter any day now (honestly, she's late. and she's driving her mom crazy.  poor Chrystal!), and ever since Evie saw a picture of Chrystal's increasing stomach, she's been obsessed. 

Evie talks about "babies in bellies" all the time.  At first, she was confused because she thought the belly picture was not of a belly at all, but of a butt.  I don't think she's ever seen a pregnant belly in real life, and was very thrown by it.  She's all, "You are mistaken, my crazy mommy.  Bellies don't protrude from the body...butts do.  Silly mommy."  Thus, she referred to her new cousin being carried around in a belly-butt for a few weeks.

She finally caught on that babies come from bellies, not butts.  And now she's obsessed with who came from who's belly.  She knows she came from mine.  In fact, if she's being naughty and I put her on time-out, she'll ask me if there's a different Evie in my belly...a happy one.  I'm not sure if she wants to trade places with said baby or is just offering me an alternative to her naughtiness, but it's hilarious nonetheless. 

And she asks constantly if I have a baby in my belly.  She really wants a sister (not a brother.  I've asked), and she thinks she'll have one in "two days".  Because everything happens in two days in her world.  Either that, or two seconds.  But apparently even a three year old knows it takes longer than two seconds to produce a baby.

Not only does she know that she came from my belly, but she knows that I came from Grandma's.  And all of her friends came from their mommies bellies. And when they are ready to be born, the babies just jump out.  That's what she told me, and I'm not correcting her.  I'm no where near ready to touch that subject.

Beyond what bellies what person came from, Evie is obsessed with all different kinds of relationships, and what we call people.  She knows that I'm not only Mommy, but Sammie.  That Grandma is my Mommy. She knows that Daddy is Michael.  She knows he's my husband, and I'm his wife.  She knows about aunts and uncles and cousins, and can assign some of them their titles (there are a lot of them.  even I get confused sometimes.)

Not only does she know all of this, but she tells me about twelve hundred times a day.  In case I forgot or something.  If I ever forget who my husband is, she'll be sure to help me out.  Or if I'm not sure what she's allowed to call me versus what other people call me, she'll inform me on that too. 

I'm glad she's a bright little kid.  I'm just not sure where this obsession came from.  Or where she learned all of her information (the husband/wife thing still stumps me).  Or most importantly?  When she'll move on to something new.  There's only some much genealogy I can take.


  1. Fantastic! She's certainly very bright for her age, and family relationships is a stage every child goes through. It means her world is expanding. It can be tough waiting for the next discovery to come along though! Chin up, and good luck!

  2. I love watching children explore their world.