Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Change in Scenery

I seem to have a problem posting.  I said last week, "I'm back!" and then didn't post again until now.  In my defense, I tried to last week when Blogger was down and then I simply forgot once it was back up and running again.  And then I got sick.  And then I had to pack for my trip.  I've been busy.

Evie and I left Sunday to visit family in Wisconsin for a few weeks.  She's been missing Grandma and Grandpa like crazy, and she simply couldn't wait a few more weeks until our originally scheduled trip the first weekend of June.  It's all she talked about.  And since we didn't have anything else going on, I caved.

That, and that fact that I could use a little more adult interaction. 

I don't mind being alone.  I've never lived alone in my life, and even though Evie's there she's not an adult so she doesn't count in that regard.  Being alone is kind of nice.  There isn't anyone to report to or be home for.  I can cook what I want, get showered and dressed when I want, go to the gym when I want. But I do miss having that presence in the house, too. 

So here we are for the next few weeks.  We have a lot more time to just relax with friends and family since we are here for so many days.  When we visited for Christmas, it was a mad rush to see all those we could manage to see.  We were exhausted by the time we got back home.  We're lucky that two family parties are scheduled while we're here so we can see all of my rather large extended family.  Big gatherings are the only chance we have of ever seeing everyone.

Thus is the military life.  Stealing days or weeks when you can.  Video chats and telephone calls and pictures and cards and packages are the norm instead of Sunday dinners or weekday shopping trips.  It's hard sometimes, but I love my life.

I embrace the craziness.

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