Friday, May 20, 2011

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In

It has been forever since I participated in Wifey's Military Spouse Friday Fill-In.  I miss it!  It's a great way to connect with other military spouses, and to learn a little about ourselves in the process.

1. What is one of the things you always do special when your husband returns from a deployment?  submitted by Keep Calm and Soldier On
Michael left on his first deployment a few weeks ago so we haven't had a reunion yet.  When Michael got back from BMT & Tech School last year, we did family pictures.  I think that's a tradition I wouldn't mind starting.  I'm looking forward to the answers to this question to give me ideas!

2. What do you do to help your spouse and/or yourself re-adjust after a deployment or long separation?  submitted by Diapers, Dogs and Deployments
Again, this is the first deployment so we haven't had a readjustment period yet.  We did have a long separation last year, but it was followed quickly by our first military move which was a whirlwind.  But I think one thing that will always be important for us to do is to not put too much pressure on ourselves.  Life doesn't stop for trainings or deployments, and everyone has different ways of coping with all the change.  Putting too much pressure on ourselves by thinking it will be easy or that nothing has changed will only make it more difficult.

3. Are you a crazy coupon clipper (I’m becoming one, so share your secrets with me)?  submitted by Married My Airman 
I've clipped coupons for awhile now, but not to the level of crazy that extreme couponers do.  A couple of my friends have become crazy coupon clippers though, and I'm astounded by all the free stuff they have piling up in their houses.  It's always great to save money, but I don't have any inclination to devote so much of my life to getting all that free stuff that I don't really need.  More power to them though! :)

4. What’s your most treasured memory of you and your spouse (not counting your wedding – that’s a given)? submitted by Scrubs, ACUs and One Crazy Ride 
The first year Michael and I lived together is probably one of my most treasured times with him.  We were only 18/19 years old, and we had just moved to Chicago--away from our families for the first time.  We both attended college full time, and we both worked.  We were both so busy and life was a little crazy, but it was perfect because we were finally together every single day.  We had been dating for four years by that point, so it was about time. 

5. If you could live anywhere overseas, what would you pick and why? submitted by Little Moments Like This
England!  I love England.  I want to move there so so so sooo bad.  If we ever get stationed there, I could then die happy.  Castles.  Quaint little cottages.  Close proximity to Scotland (my second love) and Ireland, not to mention Europe in general.  What is not to love?  Nothing, that's what.


  1. Hi there from the fill-in friday! I don't know how I've never found your blog before, but I love it! I agree...England and Scotland are magical areas. I've been to both last year and would DIE to live there. If only it were an option for his! :D

  2. :) Thank you. Magical is the perfect word to describe them. If we ever get to live in England and visit Scotland, you can bet I'll be writing a novel based in Scotland that takes advantage of all the magical history!

  3. I love the family picture idea! Mine just got back... we may have to start doing that! :-)

  4. I have friends moving to england in a couple of weeks. I am totally jealous of them

  5. Thanks for stopping by! Check it out- we have the same background!

    England is definitely up there on my wish list, too. And I like the family pictures idea. :)

  6. I love that your treasured memory is of the hectic excitement of finally getting to live together after many years of dating. My husband and I were long-distance for most of our relationship (from high school all through college) until we got married, and it was such a relief to finally be in one place for longer than a visit.