Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Three Years and Counting

I've been married for three years today!!!

Since Michael is halfway around the world right now, it sort of feels like any other day.  We've had a lot of anniversaries in our relationship--this fall will be ten years together!--so they don't always hold a lot of excitment and pizazz.  But I have noticed one thing.

The years just keep getting better.  When we first started our relationship, we were so young.  We had our whole lives ahead of us, and we had no clue where we would end up.  We've gone through a lot of changes as a couple, and they've only made us stronger.  I'm beginning to really understand how two people can stay married for their entire lives.  There is always a new adventure around the corner, and what better person to spend those moments with than my best friend?

We've only spent one wedding anniversary together so far, and I'm really hoping this isn't becoming a trend.  But whether we're together or on different continents, our love will never die. 

Since our relationship started before widespread digital camera use (gasp, that really makes me feel old), I don't have pictures from the first few years of our relationship.  But here's us from the last six years.  Try not to laugh too hard.

 I love you babe! 


  1. Happy Anniversary!! I am really hoping, praying, crossing fingers I get to spend my anniversary with my husband. It would be hard to be alone that day! Your pictures, too cute for words. I love, love, love your wedding dress! Everyone has strapless gowns these days and I love that yours wasn't.

  2. :) Thank you! I loved my dress too. The cap sleeves were lace as well as the bodice and bottom of the dress. I felt so glam. Kinda makes me want to pull it out and put it back on!!!