Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why, Why, Why

Military spouses are always talking about Murphy's Law in regards to deployment.  As soon as our husbands leave, everything around us starts to break.  The car will refuse to start or the garage door will fall off.  Whatever our individual demons may be, Murphy will make sure they appear.  It is, after all, the Law.

Murphy struck in a unique way in my household.  With only one person to talk to day in and day out, Evie has found a new way to torture me.

The dreaded toddler phase has arrived.  I thought maybe I would be lucky, and Evie would never enter it.  But I was wrong.  Oh, so very very wrong. The most common word leaving her little lips right now is "why".  I'm investing in a pair of earplugs.  I'm kidding.  Maybe.  Possibly.

Evie is a pretty curious child and she's definitely intelligent, so why I thought she would skip this phase, I have no clue.  It was just wishful thinking I guess.  Apparently, I wished on the wrong star.  Because it is never ending.

"Why are you putting that cup on the counter" and "why do I need to eat my breakfast?" Oh, and "Why are we getting dressed, Mommy" (though this is actually a logical question because we don't always get dressed if we aren't leaving the house.  No judgment, people!).  Not to mention "why do I have to be quiet" and sometimes even "Why do you want to run away, Mommy?" 

Often times, she doesn't even ask a question.  It's just whywhywhywhywhywhywhy.  I'm really beginning to hate that word.

But as not to seem unfair, I will admit she uses other words occasionally.  Like "what are you doing" and "I don't know."  That last one is a doozy. 

Our conversations are pretty much scripted in my house right now:
ME:  Evie, what color is this?
EVIE:  I don't know.
ME:  Yes, you do. 
EVIE:  Green. 

All conversations are the same way.  I ask a question, she tells me she doesn't know.  I tell her that, yes you do indeed know the answer.  And then she proceeds to answer me.  Why can't she just answer the question the first time I ask it?  Life would be much simpler if three year-olds were logical.

I know this is a phase, and one day I will see the light at the end of this blasted tunnel.  But please baby Jesus, make it be soon.

Oh, and Murphy?  I hate you.


  1. Oh, I hate to tell you but the 'I dont know" phase is still going strong in my house with a 7 year old. Its like this:
    Me - Why did you put your clean clothes in a pile hidden in the back of your closet
    Diva - I don't know
    Me - Yes, I think you do
    Diva - Well, I just didn't feel like putting them away.


  2. Ahh, don't tell me that! lol

  3. On the whole Murphy's Law bit, its so true. My Hubby at AT this year my gallbladder decided to break on me a week into his three weeks and I had to have it removed. And two years ago when he went to AT I went into preterm labor and had to have an emergency c-section to deliver our daughter. I think its a soldier thing. ;) I hate it! Thanks for following my blog and now I'm following yours!

  4. It's ridiculous how Murphy strikes! But I suppose I should just be thankful it isn't worse. Yet. Now that I just jinxed myself :)