Monday, July 11, 2011

How Time Flies

Wow, time flies fast.  Isn't that one of the biggest cliches ever?  But I've come to realize that cliches are usually pretty spot on.  In this case, it surely is.

We've lived in Kansas for a year!

We've been a military family for a year and a half now, but moving to our first base really felt like the start of our military journey.  One year ago, we moved ten hours away from what we've always called "home" to this flat state with it's beautiful sunsets.  

So far, the journey has been great. The best part of Kansas is the people we've met.  We have made amazing friends.  Lifelong friends.  Without these people, Kansas wouldn't be the same.  Honestly, without these friends, Kansas would be boring as hell.

Ha.  Yes, I said it.  I know the commonly used saying "bloom where you are planted" that's always directed at military families.  And I completely agree.  Life is what you make it, and every base is what you make it.  Military life means a lot of your choices are taken away (like where you live) so if you don't make the most of every situation, you will be one unhappy military family.

That being said, Kansas is just not my favorite place in the world.  I love that we hardly get any snow here, but I would be more appreciative of the crazy hot summers if there were say, an ocean, nearby.  It's still the Midwest so we aren't really experiencing a different part of our country or different cultures than we're used to.  It honestly feels just like home except for the weird weather fluctuations and the lack of hills and trees. And there just isn't a lot to do here.  At least, not that I've encountered.  You can only go to the Zoo so many times before you're burnt out. 

Maybe I'm just stir crazy.  The last five years have been so full of major life changes that I think I'm bored with the normalcy we've had in the last year.  Besides deployments, we don't have a lot of life altering changes looming in the horizon at the moment.  That's sort of weird for us. 

Or maybe it's that our main goal is to be stationed overseas.  When you long to live in foreign countries, exploring castles and visiting world famous museums, wheat fields and tornadoes just don't hold a lot of appeal.  It's not Kansas's fault that we were hoping for a little more excitement from our military experience.

All in all though, Kansas has been good to us.  It's close enough to home that we've been able to host visitors as well as travel home a few times to see everyone.  It's been a great way to ease into our new life.  But I would be lying if I said I wasn't crossing my fingers and wishing on every star every star every time the new EQUALS list comes out with overseas assignments. 

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