Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Life In This Moment


  1. I hear ya!! Sometimes I wonder why Uncle Sam likes to kick us least I feel like he likes to do that to me. We moved to California a year ago, the income here stinks (for me), he makes what he makes, and I'm (self) guilted in feeling the need to "pick up the slack" by maintaining the home. Gag. I think I need a cocktail already. :)

  2. I love being a stay at home mom, but sometimes I hate that my degree is going to waste.

  3. Here's your joke:::
    Military pilot who had sex with an 11 year old boy when he was 17 year-old virgin!!!
    A JUNIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL WHO HAD SEX WITH AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STUDENT!!! He needs to be on a sexual preditor list.
    How long did he masterbate and think about having sex with boys? In boot camp? Into his flight training? 20, 25 YEARS OLD??? OLDER???
    "Creepy rotten grape attached to an otherwise normal bunch." And he hurt their property values too.