Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Baby 2.0

I think the title of this post probably spells it all out pretty nicely, but in case you are confused?  We're expecting again!

Right now, I'm somewhere between 6-7 weeks along. The doctors say 6 weeks, 3 days while the ultrasound suggests 7 weeks.  But regardless, Baby 2.0 is due to arrive in the middle of November.

At this stage in the game, ultrasounds don't show all that much.  Baby was measuring 6 weeks, 6 days, and really all you can see at this point is the yolk sac (which supplies nutrients for the baby) and the tiny little fetus.  This was actually our second ultrasound, and at the first you could barely see the yolk sak.  It's amazing just how fast they grow.  It is said that at 7 weeks, baby is about the size of a blueberry.

A very large part of my absence on this blog over the past few months is due to trying for this miracle.  After our miscarriage last April, we had a little difficulty getting pregnant.  After a couple rounds of fertility drugs and some progesterone cream to help my low progesterone levels, I ended up getting pregnant during a month when I had no fertility drugs or aids in my system.  Figures, right?

Right now, our feelings on the pregnancy run pretty frequently between elation and being petrified.  We were able to see a strong heartbeat at the ultrasound which is always a very positive sign, but after suffering a loss and then disappointment month after month while trying again to conceive, it is hard to not let the past color the present.

One of the toughest things about this pregnancy is that Baby 2.0's due date is literally the day before the baby we lost last year.  If it hadn't been Leap Year, the due dates would have been the same.  The coincidence and deja vu of it all can be a little unnerving at times.  But we are trying to hold on to the fact that our chances of another miscarriage are low, and that the doctors seem to be monitoring it all as best they can.

Symptom wise, I'm definitely feeling pregnant.  Because I already get motion sickness very easily, I always seem to get nauseous pretty immediately in pregnancy.  This time around is a little different in that I literally feel carsick from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed.  Eating helps, but only for a brief period of time.  Zofran, an anti-nausea medicine, doesn't seem to help much either.  Thankfully I have a huge aversion to vomiting so I will do anything and everything to keep that particular symptom at bay.  Eating is a chore since I have non-stop nausea, but I've been forcing myself to at least get a predetermined amount of calories in per day.  My workout regime has been pretty much halted due to the nausea as well, but I hope to pick it up again as soon as I feel able. 

On a happy note, Evie is absolutely thrilled that she is finally going to be a big sister.  We started prepping her for the idea of a sibling last year when we got pregnant (thankfully, we hadn't told her about the pregnancy) so she has been talking about having a baby sister constantly ever since.  She refuses to even consider the fact that she may have a baby brother.  She is going to be one mad little four year old if Baby 2.0 ends up being a boy.

Doesn't she look excited?  When we told her of the pregnancy, she just giggled and demanded to see my belly.  We debated when to tell her about the baby since we aren't out of the woods yet for miscarriage, but after seeing a strong heartbeat we just decided to go for it.  We want to give this baby all the positive juju we can!

Evie's been talking and singing to the baby already, and gives it kisses at bedtime.  Since she's been around other pregnant women I think she grasps the concept that it will be awhile before the baby actually arrives.  But that hasn't stopped her from asking once or twice if it's time for the baby to come out yet.  This could be a long 7.5 months!


  1. Congrats! So happy to hear this news!!

  2. Very exciting news! Congratulations!!!

  3. YEH!! Congrats! So excited for you guys! Can't wait to read more blogs too...I've been patiently waiting! : ) Hugs your way- Fav Cuz

  4. Congrats! Love that Evie is already asking when the baby is coming, so cute! Sending lots of good vibes your way.