Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Direction

I'm back! Again! Yeah, bet you're sick of reading that every few posts.  Whoops.

I've decided that the reason I've been such a horrible blogger these past few months is because I've lost my blogging direction.  When I first started writing this blog, it was to chronicle our new life as a military family.  I knew we'd be moving away from family and friends soon, and I wanted a way to keep everyone updated on what was going in our lives.  For awhile, that worked well.

But once we settled into our lives here in Kansas, I didn't have a lot of military stuff to post.  Our lives are just like everyone else's...most of the time. 

I think the fact that I read some pretty awesome blogs also hindered the writing of my own.  I always feel pressured to write a certain way because of what else seems to be out there in the blog world.  Many bloggers give each post its own little theme, highlighting one specific thing in their lives that they want to share.  Others chronicle the going-ons of their day, throwing a modpodge of ideas into one post. 

I think I need to be somewhere in between.  And to stop feeling the pressure.  And to just write again.  I miss writing.  With all these other hobbies I've picked up, writing has fallen to the wayside.

So bear with me.  Again.  As I try to get back into blogging multiple times per week.  I do have some pretty awesome things to share with you all so I'm hoping all the excitement around here will inspire me to blog more.  Fingers crossed!

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