Thursday, March 1, 2012

My New Obsession

I am a one-hobby-at-a-time kind of person.  I get really hooked on and obsessed about one thing for a little while and then move on to something else that I'll be equally as hooked on and obsessed about.  I'll usually come back around to the first obsession eventually, but when it comes to hobbies I'm incredibly ADD.  I just can't stick to one thing for long.

Over the summer during Michael's first deployment, my obsession was P90x.  I worked out six days a week, and really trained myself to *eat clean*.  But when Michael got home and my heart condition started giving me problems, I put it on the back burner. I tried really hard to stick to eating as healthy as possible--because after all, it's a lifestyle change, not a diet--but with the holidays, that took a big nose dive too. 

I kept meaning to get back to my workouts, but I just didn't feel motivated.  I've been down in the dumps a lot lately, dealing with circumstances that are out of my control, and that is what finally kicked me to get back into the fitness world.  Working out helped me get over the emotional pain of our miscarriage last year--it could help me again.  That, and the fact that my new *skinny* clothes were starting to feel a little tight.  Whoops.

This time around, I'm doing a different Beachbody fitness program:  Turbo Fire.  I am so in love.  I can't believe how much I enjoy working out every day.  When I was doing P90x, I enjoyed it because I liked how it made me feel, and the results I was seeing.  I didn't necessarily love the workouts themselves.  They did their job and weren't incredibly boring, but they were really just a means to an end.

But Turbo Fire?  Amazing!  I was actually pretty leery about doing the program because so many fitness programs that are aimed at women seem very wimpy to me, especially after completing P90x.  I don't want to waste my time with a twenty minute workout that doesn't leave me drenched in sweat.  Turbo Fire is often described as a mix of dance and kickboxing which also worried me.  It just seemed too...girly.

It may be girly, and we may work out to the lyrics of "Girl I got your boyfriend, I got your man" during one particular workout, but it isn't wimpy.  I am soaked in sweat after every workout.  After only two weeks of the program, I can already see small changes in my body.  That, ladies and gents, is golden.

Besides Turbo Fire, I'm trying to incorporate running into my fitness regime.  I've never been a runner.  I've always had issues with becoming easily fatigued and out of breath doing any kind of fitness for as long as I can remember (stupid heart!) so running has always been especially hard for me.  But since my endurance and stamina are so much better than they've ever been, I'm going to give running a try. 

So my old obsession has come back around, and I hope it keeps me hooked for a long while.  I'm ready to see what my body is capable of!

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