Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Highlight of my day

Every time I receive a letter from Michael in the mail, it is the highlight of my day.  Today, I received two!  His letters didn't sound as upbeat as usual--but that was to be expected.  I'm told "week three" is one of the hardest to get through, just because they have a lot of classes to sit through and such.  Basically, it's boring and makes the days drag on.  But though the tone of his letters weren't as chipper as they have been (I mean, who is always chipper in BMT anyway?), he still writes about how he likes what  he's doing. 

All he needs is a little encouragement--that's where all you letter writers come in--to help him through these last four weeks.  I'm excited/nervous to hear how the gas chamber and obstacle course go this week!

Next week I'll be leaving for Texas for a three-week vacation leading up to his Graduation.  I'll be in the same area (just outside San Antonio) as Michael, but won't get to see him.  That will be a true test of my strength.  But it will also be a greatly-appreciated distraction from all the worrying and frustration on my end.  And for that, I am truly thankful!

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