Saturday, June 12, 2010

Who Needs TV?

When you have a two-year old with a vivid imagination, why ever would you need television?  Especially when her favorite show is Dora the Explorer.

Today, Evie and I played a rather elaborate re-enactment of some of her favorite Dora episodes.  She played Dora, and I played Boots.  Staying true to the episodes we went to three places:  Snake River, the Wall, and Highest Hill. 

We sat in chairs which served as our boat.  We used puzzle pieces as paddles to get across Snake River, and of course we wore life jackets "so we could be safe." 

Whenever we weren't sure of our path, we asked Map which way to go.  And of course, we were ever vigilant for Swiper the Fox.

All throughout we sang different songs from the show.  We sang "I'm a Map" and "Clean Up" and the theme song.  When we were finished with our quest, we sang "We Did It". 

And because Evie is concerned about being fair, she made sure to share the "cowboy cookies" with Swiper at the end because that is what they did on the last episode we watched.

It was awesome!  It sort of made me nervous that maybe I've been letting her watch too much television.  But I think it's more that she just has a great memory, and a very active imagination.  Besides constantly learning new words in Spanish, she's getting interested in exploring new things and ideas.

I love having a daughter!

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